Article “Dimension-wise Particle Swarm Optimization: Evaluation and Comparative Analysis” was published in MDPI Applied Sciences. Congratulations, Justin!

Abstract: his article evaluates a recently introduced algorithm that adjusts each dimension in particle swarm optimization semi-independently and compares it with the traditional particle swarm optimization. In addition, the comparison is extended to differential evolution and genetic algorithm. This presented comparative study provides a clear exposition of the effects introduced by the proposed algorithm. Performance of all evaluated optimizers is evaluated based on how well they perform in finding the global minima of 24 multi-dimensional benchmark functions, each having 7, 14, or 21 dimensions. Each algorithm is put through a session of self-tuning with 100 iterations to ensure convergence of their respective optimization parameters. The results confirm that the new variant is a significant improvement over the traditional algorithm. It also obtained notably better results than differential evolution when applied to problems with high-dimensional spaces relative to the number of available particles.

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